national farms
National farms have sustained our nation for decades. These responsible stewards, many with family operations spanning several generations, provide fresh, nutritious, high-quality, safe food year-round. Through Greener Fields Together, they’ve committed to accountability and to continuous sustainability improvements in crop production, harvesting, processing and packaging.

local farms
Demand for locally grown produce is stronger than ever, as are opportunities for local farmers to thrive and grow. Greener Fields Together supports rural agriculture by being a resource to small local farms, providing education, food safety certification assistance, and, through our established distribution network, a safe, secure way to get their products to the broader markets.

local purveyor
Greener Fields Together delivers more sustainably raised produce in ever more sustainable ways. As leaders in their markets, with over 70 plus purveyor servicing our entire nation, they have committed to continually raise the bar on sustainability and environmentally friendly purchasing, operations and delivery.

hospitality partners
Greener Fields Together works to give hospitality operators and their discriminating patrons confidence that the produce they’re serving and enjoying – whether from national or local farms – is raised in the safest, most sustainable ways possible. It’s about transparency and accountability, all the way from seed to fork, and about helping to promote more sustainable foodservice operations.