By dining or purchasing produce at the sign you’re choosing to support foodservice operators and retailers who know the value of safe, sustainable produce. Whether you’re a busy mom at your local market, a family sitting down for a quick bite at your favorite diner, a student at a university or a baby-boomer at a healthcare facility, you can be confident that the produce has been grown and handled with care. The hospitality and retail partner initiative focuses on educating and engaging consumers at foodservice providers and retailers nationwide.


Our qualifying criteria ensure that each Greener Fields Together hospitality and retail partner takes responsibility for sustainability standards and commits to continuous improvements within their operations. Areas of focus include:
  • Support Greener Fields Together supply chain
  • Supports local produce programs (when in season)
  • Supports Greener Fields Together sustainability improvement programs such as:

    • Waste Management & Efficiencies: recycling, disposables and energy consumption
    • Purchasing & Sourcing: local/seasonal, eco-friendly supplies
    • Transport: Delivery frequency and timing, key drops, and transit types
    • Social: Community involvement and philanthropy


Program admittance and component compliance is established annually through customer self assessment. Hospitality and retail partners sustainability efforts will be monitored regularly by Greener Fields Together team and associated local purveyor partners.


partner video spotlight:
Lure, Atlanta, GA