The local farm initiative focuses on developing business relationships with family-owned farms that are near our purveyor communities. Our investment in creating new opportunities for these farmers is our way of recognizing the efforts being made by local producers to feed their communities. This collaboration gives us all a chance to share our pride of place and the production that happens in various regions within our country.
  • The local farm is located within a 7-hour drive from where the food is distributed
  • The farmer or farm family participates in the day-to-day and management of the farm and owns or leases its productive assets
  • Local farms are required to be inspected annually by an approved third party food safety organization. Funding is available for those farms that need assistance for the audit program


The family farm initiative of Greener Fields Together is an important way to promote the availability and safety of local produce. All participating farmers must demonstrate their adherence to good agricultural practices (GAPs) and apply food safety controls to their operations that are based on accepted industry standards. To that end, farmers are provided with educational tools to promote the adoption of such practices and prepare them to pass a required annual GAP audit.

Local purveyor will help to financially support certain certification efforts at the local-farm level.