Like a cherished family recipe handed down through generations, their citrus is nurtured by more than 120 years of experience. At Sunkist, they’re deeply committed to tradition but also to innovation and sustainability, both on the farm and in the marketplace – embracing fresh approaches for citrus lovers today and tomorrow.

Sunkist is a cooperative of thousands of family farmers in California and Arizona. The reported information below is from one of Sunkist’s grower members, and is representative of Sunkist’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Energy Module

Energy Management Plan

Developing a good game plan is the basis for a winning team to ensure they succeed in reaching their goals. Their energy management plan is documented and communicated to personnel that have been trained to follow and implement the plan for cooling equipment, stationary motors and lighting.

Energy Use and Efficiency

Knowing where you are at any given time is the only way to target where you want to be in the future. Benchmarking energy use for cooling and field equipment, stationary motors and lighting provides staff a means to set improvement goals and monitor progress. Communicating the process and training personnel is critical to success.

Energy Use and Efficiency - Nutrient Management

Feeding their trees the right source and rate of nutrients at the right time and place helps ensure a healthy crop and healthy environment. Nutrient budgets were developed based on crop demand, soil tests and nutrient credits to optimize fertilizer use. Fertility treatments considered placement and timing as well as efficient irrigation practices to maintain nutrients in the root zone. Altogether, these practices reduce greenhouse gas emissions, keep fertilizer where it’s needed, and reduce their energy footprint.

Energy Audit

A periodic checkup is important to know if you are healthy or not. A 3rd party energy specialist conducted an audit within the last three years. Results of the audit were used to update their energy management plan in their farming operations and cooling facility.

Energy Use & Efficiency - Metrics

The old adage “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is a powerful tool for decision making. They collect, review and analyze energy use, including from renewable sources, in all parts of their operations. Metrics are relevant, accurate and used by personnel to support decisions.
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