National Farms

National farms have sustained our nation for decades; providing fresh, nutritious, high-quality, safe produce year-round. Through Greener Fields Together, they commit to accountability and continuous sustainability improvements in crop production, harvesting, processing and packaging.

Local Farms

Opportunities for local farms to thrive and grow are stronger than ever. Greener Fields Together local farm partners have access to education and food safety certification assistance and, through our established distribution network, a safe, secure way to get their products to market.

Local Purveyors

The direct connection between farm and foodservice kitchen, our national network of local PRO*ACT affiliated purveyors, ensures delivery of fresh produce from local, regional and national farmers day in and day out.

Hospitality and Retail Partners

As Greener Fields Together certified partners, retail locations, restaurants, and other foodservice operators are assured that the produce they’re serving to their guests or selling to their customers - whether from local or national farms - is raised in the most safe and respectful way possible.