D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California: Energy and Climate at Salinas Facility

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Family owned and operated since 1920, D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California strives to be the best grower, shipper and seller of high-quality fruits and vegetables. Products include Andy Boy Broccoli, Broccoli Rabe, Romaine, Mixed Leaf, Cauliflower, Fennel, Romaine Hearts, Cactus Pears, Nopalitos, Wine Grapes and Cherries. Operating from February into December, the company’s main cooling and shipping facility in Salinas, California loads between 150 and 200 trucks of fresh produce per day.

5Ps Verified Case Study: Energy and Climate
Dedicated to making efficient use of non-renewable resources, D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California built a state-of-the art cooling facility in 2006. The new facility achieves energy savings through the strategic location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the facility. SureHarvest documented and verified the energy program at the Salinas, California cooler facility using the 5Ps of Sustainability™

Sustainability Highlights
D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California’s highly responsive organizational structure empowers employees to adapt and innovate in the face of changing resource needs to continuously improve the energy program at their cooler facility.

By merging several facilities into a single location strategically situated in the heart of its farming fields, D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California saves an estimated 300,000 truck-miles traveled each year to haul product from field to cooler. The company’s investment to consolidate and centralize its facilities has resulted in reduced emissions and traffic impacts to local communities as well as improved loading efficiencies.

1.  Sustainability Principles
D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California’s is committed to being responsible stewards by:

  • Making efficient use of non-renewable resources
  • Sustaining the economic viability of farms
  • Enhancing the environment and quality of life for all

The company is dedicated to championing solutions for tomorrow’s safe, accessible, and nutritious food through its sustainability efforts.

2. Sustainability Processes
Conserving energy and protecting natural resources for future generations is a core value held at D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California, from field to executive offices.  D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California’s grows, harvests, packs, cools and ships all of its own products, which affords the company a high degree of control over its operations. With the goal to ensure product safety and integrity while minimizing energy and fuel use, D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California decided to consolidate its packing and shipping facilities near the heart of its fields.

3. Sustainability Practices
By consolidating and centrally locating its facilities D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California significantly reduced the travel distance and time from field to facility. The company prioritized traffic flow and efficiency when designing the new facility. From the moment a load of product arrives employees monitor and manage the product and equipment to ensure quick, efficient cooling.

Top-of-the-line energy-efficient materials, equipment, and lighting were selected during construction of the facility. Key efficiencies prioritized during construction included: installation of a leading-edge computer system; variable frequency drives on major cooling equipment; individual forced air tunnels; and automated doors to help maintain low temperatures.

The computer system alerts management when equipment is operating outside optimal ranges and can be monitored on-site and remotely at all times for maximum efficiency. In addition, the company has set a goal to upgrade its facility lighting system to achieve 50% reduction of light bulb wattage by the end of this year.

4. Sustainability Performance Metrics
Key D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California team members regularly review its electricity bills and use data with the utility company’s on-line tools. All equipment is inspected daily, and the staff has learned to “listen for problems” as part of a risk management program.

Since opening the facility, D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California has secured two independent energy audits at the facility to identify opportunities for improvement and to employ newly available technologies.

5. Sustainability Progress
The Executive team holds monthly strategic planning meetings to discuss timely business issues. 

Operational matters are addressed through on-going informal meetings across the company. The executive team periodically discusses energy management during individual meetings with key management and staff

Management and executive team members are active in industry and local, state and federal committees. This proactive involvement and knowledge gained in the industry allows D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California to respond quickly to challenges, as well as implement new ideas to best achieve company goals.

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