Rainier Fruit Company: Employee Wellness in Selah, WA

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Rainier Fruit Company, a family-owned company dating back to 1888, is one of the largest growers of apples, pears, cherries, and blueberries in the United States. Located in Washington State, Rainier has packing and storage facilities in both Selah and Prosser. The company employs 850 people at its headquarters in Selah.

5Ps Verified Case Study: Employee Wellness
In keeping with its Vision Statement and Good Stewardship Program, Rainier is dedicated to providing its employees with a productive, healthy, and enjoyable workplace. For the past 13 years, Rainier has invested significant resources and time in personal health, workplace safety, and financial wellbeing for its employees. SureHarvest documented and verified the Selah employee wellness program using the 5Ps of Sustainability™.

Sustainability Highlights
Rainier has a history of commitment to sustainability initiatives that is demonstrated in its Good Stewardship Program and further exhibited through employee wellness initiatives at its headquarters in Selah, WA. The company has a highly-responsive, process-based management system driving continuous improvement at the plant and throughout the company. Since 2000, Rainier’s devotion to a variety of employee wellness programs and activities has allowed the company to achieve desirable results. The company believes that its efforts have led to a healthier and more financially-stable workplace, set up for reducing healthcare costs and safety incidents and retaining highly engaged employees.

1. Sustainability Principles
Rainier is dedicated to producing its fruit using the most sustainable practices in the industry. With a commitment to its employees and community, Rainier views its primary responsibility as a good steward to consistently grow the finest-quality fruit by using the natural resources entrusted to it without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

2. Sustainability Processes
Rainier’s commitment to employee wellness is fueled by its vision that integral to the company’s success is sustaining loyal, motivated employees who maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. Since 2000, Rainier has focused on employee wellness through personal health, workplace safety, and financial wellbeing. The company has established a Wellness Team whose mission is to provide a passport to the future for all employees by increasing health awareness and promoting total body wellness.

3. Sustainability Practices
Rainier has implemented a variety of employee wellness measures that improve the personal health, workplace safety, and financial wellbeing of its employees in Selah. Notable health and safety initiatives include:

  • On-site medical clinic
  • Healthy foods provided at on-site cafeterias
  • Annual flu shots
  • Annual Wellness Day
  • Employee walking path
  • Individual and team athletic activities
  • Safety Training Observation Program (injury prevention)
  • Return to work program for injured employees
  • Ergonomic modifications to workplace and stretching exercises (injury prevention) 

In addition to the financial benefits provided by some of the health programs, Rainier focuses on the financial wellbeing of all of its employees through a matching 401k plan, onsite banking and retirement consultants, and 20 hours paid personal leave in addition to paid vacation time.

4. Sustainability Performance Metrics
Rainer measures its employee wellness program in several ways. It uses insurance reports that show trends, medical conditions, types of physicians, and claim costs to determine where to focus its personal health initiatives. During Rainier’s Wellness Day, biometrics are taken by health professionals and reviewed with employees. Participation numbers for the event are also collected. Records are kept of the number of flu shots provided, as well as of the usage of the on-site clinic for personal and work-related visits. To measure workplace safety, Rainier has implemented scorecards for each department to track the actual rate of incidents.

5. Sustainability Progress
Rainier utilizes a sophisticated, process-based management system to facilitate continuous improvement throughout the company. Continuous improvement is supported through weekly, bimonthly, and annual meetings involving key personnel at every level in the company. The company’s commitment to its process-based management system is further enhanced using a dedicated software system to organize and track core issues and action items over time.

Using this system, Rainier has a Wellness Committee that sets goals and focuses on ways to manage and continuously improve the personal health, safety, and financial wellbeing of its employees. Employees in Selah are regularly informed, educated, and engaged about new activities and initiatives offered by the company. Realizing that its employees are integral to its strategy, the company utilizes several formal methods to encourage communication and accountability across all levels of the company. Additionally, annual performance evaluations are conducted against the company vision.

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