Food Hub Feature: Freedom Fresh

Food Hub: Freedom Fresh

  • Location:  Miami, FL
  • Years in Business: 14

Notable Achievements: Energy and Waste Projects

Freedom Fresh hired Enetric and Advanced Energy Solutions to assist in an energy reduction project in 2012.  The results were a reduction in energy consumption of 622,144 kWh per year in addition to 972,054 pounds of carbon dioxide; 361 barrels of oil; 274 tons of coal and 7,319 pounds of sulfur dioxide. These outstanding results were the equivalent of removing the carbon dioxide emissions of 81 vehicles per year from the road.

 Rounding out their sustainable activities, Freedom Fresh recently embarked on a waste diversion program.


In a mutually beneficial partnership with Monkey Jungle, a third generation family owned South Florida wildlife park and primate conservancy, Freedom Fresh is able to divert fruits and vegetables that are at or near their ‘use by date’ to become feed for Monkey Jungle’s many monkey residents. This product would typically end up in landfill but with this unique sustainability focused, philanthropic partnership, Freedom Fresh is able to divert their waste and deliver nutritious fresh food to Miami’s monkey friends.

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