The word “sustainable” to NewStar simply means continuing business practices and philosophies that have been in use for decades. To NewStar, sustainability embodies the spirit and practice of doing the right thing, in balance with the business, the employees, and Mother Nature herself; in short, the practice of responsible business without sacrificing their long-held values of social responsibility.

  • Providing a Quality Work Environment
  • Investing in their Communities
  • Reducing their Environmental Footprint
  • Engaging in Responsible Practices

The reported information is from one NewStar cooler that stores and distributes products at certain times of the year for foodservice accounts like PRO*ACT.

Energy Module

Energy Loss Prevention & Recapture

No one likes to lose energy, that’s why seals for buildings and insulation for tanks and buildings were selected to maximize efficiency. Heating and cooling exchange choices maximized energy reuse starting with design all the way through daily operations.

Energy Management Plan

Developing a good game plan is the basis for a winning team to ensure they succeed in reaching their goals. Their energy management plan is documented and communicated to personnel who have been trained to follow and implement the plan for lighting.

Energy Use & Efficiency - Equipment

Equipment maintenance, efficiency, monitoring, and logistics planning have a lot to do with their company’s energy use, which is why they did the right thing when selecting equipment. HVAC and cooling systems are appropriately sized and configured to ensure optimal performance. Flow meters and energy meters are used to capture energy use at key points in operations. Processing operations optimize energy efficiency through smart transportation and logistics planning.
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